Introduction & Overview: Camps, Clinics, Workshops

Thanks for Interest in our Camps, Clinics & Workshops!

We would like to explain a little about how the camps were started and why we have such a huge passion for doing them.

Daniel Tibbetts who is the Founder and Director of the California Fencing Academy and Cal Sports Club was teaching kids and adults well before he started his club and he has not stopped since – that was over 35 years ago.

Daniel has been putting on camps, clinics, and outings for the Los-Gatos Saratoga Recreation and other city programs since 1984, he was an educator as a Park Ranger and Environmental Interpreter for Local, State, and National Parks, and he was a Personal Trainer and Sport Therapist who owned the businesses the Optimum Health Center and The Competitive Edge which were right across from Los Gatos High School. He has taken his life’s teaching experience and his passion for sports, horses, and the great outdoors and turned them into camps for kids!

Satisfaction is guaranteed by the owner (who directs the camp programs personally, and leads the Nature + Horse + Adventure camps himself). If you take part in the first day of camp and it is not to your satisfaction he will give you a 100% refund!


A list of Camps, Clinics & workshops (just to name a few) :

* 2017 Summer camps are highlighted in green. Click on the camp for more info

  • Fencing 
  • Archery
  • Horses
  • Fencing + Archery
  • Nature + Horses + Adventure
  • Mounted Warriors: Archery + Saber + Lance
  • Junior Naturalist & Rangers
  • Outdoor Recreation & Adventure
  • Wild in the Wilderness – Survival & Respect
  • Club Team Training: Fencing & Archery


 Event designations:

Camps = Week-long or longer outings. They may be “Day Camps” which means you go go home at the end of each day, or “Overnight Camps” which means you lodge at a camp site.

Clinics = These are Two/Three-Day or an All-Day event usually held on a weekend.

Workshops = Usually a half day event 2-4 hours in length.

If you are interested in an activity not highlighted as a summer camp for 2017 please feel free to email us from our contact page.

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