CFA Mission


Our mission is continually strive to offer the best fencing program and individual care available to all of our students no matter their age, gender, or athletic ability, and to do this in a safe and fun environment through a positive reinforcement model.  Our mission’s continued goal is to provide the most professional staff of fencing masters and certified coaches who offer a comprehensive task and goal oriented level program that instills great character, a strong work ethic, a desire to always improve, self discipline, personal pride, respect for oneself and others, awesome sportsmanship and team spirit, and of course a love of fencing.


The Head Coaches Daniel and Ania Tibbetts believe strongly in training each competitive fencer to be the best that they can be on and off the fencing strip (piste). The athletes are diligently trained to persevere, survive, thrive, and dominate in all aspects of their development, training, and competition. Through the Junior Olympic Fencing Development program (JOFD) and the CFA National Team they will gain keen physical prowess, a quick mind and mental toughness, great technique and fencing tactics, a winners attitude, a fighters heart, and the will to never give up. CFA fencers earn elite competitive results and scholarships!!!

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