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Thank you for choosing our club for your child’s classes and camps.

Since 1986 we have taken on the great responsibility of offering our communities children the best experience and instruction possible in a fun, safe and rewarding environment. Our satisfaction is guaranteed. If you register and you are not pleased after the first day or if the sport or activity is not for your child we will give you a 100% refund for your class or camp – first day would be free!

Beginning Fencing Classes

These classes are for those with little or no experience.  The students learn the basic positions, footwork, terminology, safety, rules, etiquette, and sportsmanship of Olympic fencing. In partnered drills you will learn to thrust, disengage, do feint attacks, actions on the blade, and various parries and ripostes. You even get to start fencing each other the second day of the session. It’s a blast!
We start them in two separate age groups for a better learning experience. These ages learn differently and must be taught separately for the best development and the most fun for all!
The groups are kept to a small ratio of about 8-10 students (4-5 pairs) to each certified fencing instructor. The equipment rental fee is included in the class cost. Wear Athletic clothing and shoes and bring a water bottle please.
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Summer Fencing Camps: Beginning & Novice 

Learn to use a light and flexible modern Olympic foil with skill and confidence! You will learn everything that you would in the Class description above and more! Campers are divided by age and ability, and some days by gender teams. Each camp has beginning to novice levels so no matter what your experience each camp is designed for you – many kids come back year after year for our camps, and allot of them will do multiple camps throughout the summer!
We supply all the equipment and our awesome staff is made up of professionally certified coaches. Dress athletically (no open toed shoes allowed) and bring a snack and water bottle, and we take care of the rest!
Your payment registration is your confirmation for camp enrollment. You will also receive another email the Friday before the camp as a reminder. All camps are old at the CSC Olympic Sports Training facility at 440 Marathon Avenue, Campbell, CA 95033.
For information about prices and scheduling, please click the “Register Now” button below:

How do I Continue After the Beginning Class or Camp

After your beginning class graduation, if you want to continue with fencing in the novice-intermediate level you would become a Cal Sports Club member. You can attend once or twice weekly. Once weekly is $129.00 and twice weekly is $189.00 (only $50.00 more for the second day). Membership requires a secure online DocuSign membership agreement with a simple calendar month cancellation policy. An annual administration/equipment fee of $150.00 is charged with your first months dues. The monthly charge is auto-debit so we can concentrate on being coaches! 

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TEAM CFA: Junior Olympic Fencing Development (JOFD)

Some benefits of fencing:

  • Confidence & Poise
  • Analytical, problem solving, decision making skills
  • Great reflexes & coordination
  • Pride, respect, sportsmanship
  • Reduce stress
  • Lose weight & be fit
  • Meet people & have lots of fun
  • Unique, exciting sport

Why Fence at CFA?

  • Lifetime programs for recreation or competition
  • Progressive task & goal oriented level programs
  • Renowned competitive program, home of national and Junior Olympic Champions, US World Team members, and Olympians
  • Formally trained, highly motivated, caring staff with Certified Fencing Masters for each weapon.
  • The Fencing Masters Program. The oldest most prestigious club college for training fencing coaches.
  • Elite status with the Better Bussiness Bereau, and city contracts with Los Gatos-Saratoga & Mountain View
  • Huge facilities with over 40 fencing strips
  • Indoor Olympic archery range & equestrian program
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