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California Fencing Academy

Learn the Olympic Sport and Art of Fencing

Recreational Olympic Fencing Program:

Beginning Fencing Classes and Camps

You learn the basics first starting with the ready, guard, and lunge positions, as well as footwork. We emphasize safety, sportsmanship and the rules of fencing. You will learn about offensive and defensive actions and will participate in partner exercises and sparring. We will do lots of fun fencing games for all levels. Students are divided by ages into two different classes which are Super Youth 6.5-9, and 10-13 however we will move kids from one group to another if they fit that level group better. All equipment is supplied, and all of our coaches are certified professionals at the international level.

After your beginning class graduation, if you want to continue with fencing in the novice-intermediate level you would become a Cal Sports Club member. 

Novice-Intermediate Fencing Classes & Camps

This is the level after the beginning course. We start to teach more advanced technique and tactics at this time. We start to learn about competition formats and build a personal strategy to fencing. We incorporate all types of fun and positive ways to learn this awesome sport. We also offer these levels in our camps which are divided by ages and abilities.

There is no additional annual fee or level up fees! It takes two days weekly to prepare for JOFD.

Intermediate-Advanced Fencing Classes & Camps

These classes and week-long camps take you to an awesome level of fencing with deeper concentration in technique, mechanics, and strategies. You will get to many different types of bouting formats and fun drills and exercises involving more self-discipline. This is a developmental level that leads to our JOFD or Junior Olympic Fencing Development and CFA National Team program if that is your goal.

The Novice-intermediate recreational program is an ongoing program that run throughout the year. You can attend the classes once or twice weekly. All equipment rental fees are still included in the annual fee.

California FENCING Academy – CFA

The Introductory-Beginning Classes are for those with little or no experience.  They learn the basic positions, footwork, terminology, safety, rules, ettiquite, and sportsmanship of Olympic fencing. In partnered drills you will learn to thrust, disengage, do feint attacks, actions on the blade, and various parries and ripostes. You even get to start fencing each other the second day of the session. It’s a blast!

We start them in two seperate age groups for a better learning experience. These ages learn differently and must be taught differently for the best development and the most fun! The age groups are our SUPER YOUTH FENCERS 6-9 years old, and FURURE STAR FENCERS 10-13 years old. Even in these two age groups, if appropriate, they are further divided into partner and team groups of  6-7, 8-9, 10-11 & 12-13 ages.The groups are kept to a small ratio of about 8-10 students (4-5 pairs) to each certified fencing instructor.The equipment rental fee is included in the class cost. CFA classes are held at the Cal Sports Club’s Olympic Training Center at 440 Marathon Avenue in Campbell.

When this class is completed, and you would like to continue you become a member of Cal Sports Club. You would join the novice level program once or twice weekly depending on your goals. The classes and training continue in a month-to-month ongoing program that progress through the recreational, developmental, local team, Junior Olympic Development program and even the National and International team levels if that is your desire! We have comprehensive programs for  both recreational students and competitive interested ones.

AGE NOTE: Some nine year olds will continue into the Future Stars with the 10 year olds, and some 10 year olds do better in the Sper youth gropu with 9 year olds. This is often just because they may be close to the other age group because of a recent birthday, or they all just develop at a little different stages. we want what is best for the child and the other students in the class. We assess this while they are in the beginning course. Sometimes we may recomend that the fencer might try the other age group even after they start the beginning class if we think it is better for them and the group, and of course that is only if your schedule permits it.


Some benefits of fencing:

  • Confidence & Poise
  • Analytical, problem solving, decision making skills
  • Great reflexes & coordination
  • Pride, respect, sportsmanship
  • Reduce stress
  • Lose weight & be fit
  • Meet people & have lots of fun
  • Unique, exciting sport

Why Fence at CFA?

  • Lifetime programs for recreation or competition
  • Progressive task & goal oriented level programs
  • Renowned competitive program, home of national and Junior Olympic Champions, US World Team members, and Olympians
  • Formally trained, highly motivated, caring staff with Certified Fencing Masters for each weapon.
  • The Fencing Masters Program. The oldest most prestigious club college for training fencing coaches.
  • Elite status with the Better Bussiness Bereau, and city contracts with Los Gatos-Saratoga & Mountain View
  • Huge facilities with over 40 fencing strips
  • Indoor Olympic archery range & equestrian program
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