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Junior Olympic Fencing Development (JOFD)

Developmental in most sport programs means developing you to be an elite level athlete or to your highest potential competitively and that is the same in CFA. This is the same for the (NBA D league baseball teams like the Santa Cruz warriors to a youth developmental gymnastics programs – D stands for developmental). In CFA this program is sometimes termed the “local team”, or “youth team or younger team”. This program is for intermediate-advanced levels that have accomplished the tasks and met the goals of the recreational intermediate-advanced classes. However CFA allows some recreational students to level up into this group as long as they have the necessary skills, self discipline, work ethic, and desire to be in the program. We have a program for both age groups 6-9 and 10-13 with some individual adjustments made as necessary. There are different levels or “stages” within this program. All of these fencers are taking one private lesson weekly. If they show all the traits to be national they start taking two private lessons weekly. If you go to the prospective pages much more information and links will be found on the levels.




  •  JOFD Prep: This is for all those entering who are not yet competing but are on the path to do so or recreational fencers who deserve to be in this program. This is usually 4-6 months of pre-competitor preperation.


  • JOFD – Local:  Is the local travel level which first includes Bay Cup Circuit events and possibly local regional events. These are local travel events in the Bay Area that typically take up a half-day or so.


  • JOFD – Regional: This is the level of adding travel Regional events in California such as one in Los Angeles.


  • JOFD – Super Regional: The CFA fencers are attending Super Regional Events in California Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Typically 3 of these when starting at this level.


  • JOFD – Pre-National: At this level the fencer will fence one complete season nationally (sometimes longer) that includes at least one NAC North American Circuit event somewhere in the US, and the National Championships.


  • JOFD – National: This is a fencer who has competed a year through a complete team season and who and his family wish to continue with full support to being a national fencer. These group is in the 10 and younger group and some 12 and younger. For more on these levels teams and elite fencing see that page please.

For more information on the policies, procedures and fees associated with the Junior Olympic Development Program please email and we will be happy to send you that packet and answer more questions.

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