NEW Website Launched

Hey Everyone how do you like our new website!

We will be adding in more info into many of the pages including;

testimonials, more photos, allot of info into our membership page (that page will become password protected for members only), competitive camp info. we will have a constant blog of competition results and info on whats going on day to day etc. Give us a month to keep inputting information and then we will send out an email to all members for your input and ideas as related to the new web site.

We are also building a Cal Sports Club site very soon that will house all the other sports such as archery and fencing (that will be removed from the fencing site except for the nice big link you see below on the home page “CSC Sports & Activities” which will take you right to the that site. The Cal Sports Club will have a fencing link to this new California Fencing Academy Site.

We are very excited to finally have this site up!

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