Becoming A Member

For members who completed the introductory course and are ready for the next level: Recreational Novice!
Classes start for new members the first week of September, but can be joined at any point in the season.

Your membership can start when you complete this online application through our program “NEATSCHOOL”, and the parent portal including entering your credit card info for direct billing. The link is below.

Our system uses STRIPE for billing which is the most secure and most used by most large corporations using third party billing on the planet.

1.    PLEASE use your child’s full name as the account name please. Every account starts the first day of the month and not the first day of class. Please enter this way.

2.    You complete the Club/Neatschool program application (link is below), and then the parent portal after you get an email that your application is approved by me.

3.     You must complete the portal with billing info before you can participate in any membership classes. DO NOT self-pay when and if you are prompted to do so. It will be auto debited on the first of the month.

4.     You can pick 1 day including equipment or 2 days.  If you are thinking to make it your sport, then start two days if possible. There is an annual admin fee (student’s insurance, admin, equipment, and learning materials, etc.). This fee charged the first month. The recreational program fees include all equipment!

5.    Sometimes someone has past experience, or is a teen, so we may skip the novice level to better accommodate that student and family. This is the developmental-team level and classes are 1.5 hours. This program is one fee and you can come as many days as you like for 2-3 days per week. Please email me for the schedule of these classes if you think this should be your level.

*PRIVATE LESSONS are available in each sport and are supplemental to class/group training. We do not offer privates to non-members or in lieu of group classes, which is our base of all our programs.



Cal Sports Club

2. STEP TWO: My step. I approve your application and send you an invite to the parent portal.

3. STEP THREE: PORTAL REGISTRATION: When you receive your portal instructions you should also receive a link to to a portal “help” section with is useful if needed.

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