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Recreational Program Guide

BEGINNING Recreational Classes & Camps

This beginning DISCOVER ARCHERY class/camp is for those with no or little experience. This is an exciting and unique program that teaches you to be a real archer while shooting many types and sizes of target faces at various distances suited to your level and ability. You also get to have lots of fun practicing your new skills play other archery games, shooting balloons, 3d animals, in our Archery Arcade! You will learn all about safety, range rules, commands, and the 11 step USA National & Olympic Shooting cycle. This system teaches the basic form, technique, with clear and concise steps and goals, and it prepares everyone for the next level of program. Classes are led and supervised by US Archery L2 or higher certified instructors. Classes are held indoors at the California Archery Center at 440 Marathon Drive in Campbell – In the Cal Sports Club Facility unless otherwise stated. You get your own personal rental equipment, materials, and insurance for the duration of the activity which is partly paid with the additional material fee due the first day for $20.00 for classes/$80.00 for camps payable to the coach on the first day by cash or check payable to Cal Sports Club 

After your beginning class graduation, if you want to continue with archery in the novice-intermediate level you would become a Cal Sports Club member.

NOVICE-INTERMEDIATE Recreational Classes & Camps

This is the level after the beginning course. We start to teach more of the Olympic Style and technique at this time, and you also get to start using a variety of bows such as the recurve, genesis, and compound bow. We also start moving the targets to different distances for different levels. Archery classes are pretty easy to teach with both novice and intermediate archers as level is based on distance ability with increased technique, mechanics, and focus. Our US Archery Certified Head Coach (he has many other distinctions) actually teaches these recreational levels along with US Archery Certified Assistants Coaches and apprentices.

The Novice level recreational program is an ongoing program that runs throughout the year. You can attend once or twice weekly. All equipment rental fees are still included no charge.

INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED Recreational Classes & Camps

These classes take you to an awesome level of shooting with deeper concentration in technique and mechanics, while also practicing many different types of competition formats while using a variety of target faces. These classes lead to our JOAD –US Junior Olympic Archery development program and teams.

There is no additional annual fee or level up fees! It takes two days weekly to prepare for JOAD.

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