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TEAM CFA: National Training Program


This program is a different group sometimes termed the “National team, or older team” This is for fencers doing youth-12 competition (with some doing y10 & 12), and most are doing Y14, cadet (under-17), and Junior (under-20). The fencer must be able to follow these practices and be able to fence the older fencers with a variety of actions (otherwise it is detrimental to his/her development). These fencers are all taking two private lessons weekly, and at the national level most are taking three, and elite are often taking up to four.



  • JOAD – Pre-National: A young fencer at this level may be added with the National team sometimes termed the “older group” or a older fencer who needs to be with older fencers may be added early, and we do add add teens who who are recreational but deserve to level up to this group.


  • TEAM CFA-NATIONAL: This fencer is experienced and developing. The fencer is following the program and CFA team schedule of events, and other prerequisites.


  • TEAM CFA-ELITE: This group of fencers has three or more years of National experience, has national points, and has attended some youth international camps and competition.


  • TEAM CFA-INTERNATIONAL: This group is fencing in cadet, junior and/or senior work cup events, and some make the top three in the US to be accepted to the US World Team. We currently also have our fencers on the Japanese and Irish National Teams!

For more information on the policies, procedures and fees associated with the TEAM CFA National & Elite Training Programs please email and we will be happy to send you that packet and answer more questions.

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